I Double Suck…

Yes I do, why, because I still can’t get here and write regularly, not for lack of trying though. My problem is right now I am extremely busy and haven’t had a chance to really do so. Having just finished up school and not having to worry about that I have now had time to catch up on lots of other things which I haven’t been able to get to, like a 1 foot tall stack of magazines sitting on our coffee table, they are now gone, managed to get through them in a couple of days time once I had nothing else on my plate.

The funny thing is writing shouldn’t be that hard, I actually like doing it as I always have something on my mind that I can share for some reason or another. Time is what is my thing lately.

I might not get my posts up here until later in the day as evenings are the best time for me to actually get into doing the writing for this blog. During the day I am at my full time gig which is where I am at now, but figure you know let me get something written and up there today.

I have added a page here for doing editing work, as a side hustle as I need to earn some extra cash, so might as well put my many years of having done this type of work to some use and get something for doing it. So if you are reading this and need something done hit me up, I would love to read your stuff and help you get it out there.