It’s Friday

Well and another wonderful week comes to and end. LOL

So as far as workouts this week, I have three in so far after adding an 18 minute long Tabata workout on Wednesday and then skipping Thursday. Why, because I just got finished taking a course of antibiotics for my sinus infection that has the dubious side affect of an Achilles tear, and since it was feeling a bit tender already I figured good day to take a break.

This weekend should be quite interesting as the good old weather folks have been forecasting snow, and up here in the NE that can mean we either get snow or well we were just fooling with you in most cases. The forecast says we can get anywhere up to 3″ or so by Sunday evening. We will see.

This week I also upgraded my iPad, to the new Pro, this new one is great so far, but only had it a couple of days, and I have yet to get an upgraded Apple Pencil to use with it since the old one doesn’t work and no one but Apple has a keyboard cover for it to basically turn it into a laptop, which seriously this thing is really more powerful than my MacBook, it definitely overpowers my old iMac, but now I have an old iPad Pro up for sale on eBay, I will add a link here at some point today.

Next week I will be getting into the whole Keto diet a full 100%, as I haven’t been to close to that level but at this point it is time to start getting rid of the body fat, especially in hopes of it assisting in lowering my high blood pressure, a family curse as pretty much everyone in my family is affected by it. And the one thing I have been doing already is eliminating all bad sugar, I have done something I usually have trouble doing because I am such a junk food junky, stopped eating junk food. Dark chocolate has been the exception and I have kept that to a minimum, and will only eat that and in very small quantities as it does have some health benefits.

The other big thing this year is gotta get some more money coming in so that I can cut down and eliminate all of our debt, and that is part of why I am getting back to personal training, but will focus mainly on the online coaching portion of it as that will allow me to interact with and coach more people. And I will do in person coaching as well at least for those local to me, I have everything I need right in my basement to train anyone at anytime. Hoping getting this going and off the ground will allow me to add enough extra money to pay down all the debt we have and get us ahead. Hell maybe at some point this will be the thing I do all the time, that would be great in my book as I find it far more rewarding than my current job.

OK, that is all for now.