Fun Day…

So almost all day today I have been on a telecom for work, listening into a pubs conference, which if you really must know is like watching paint dry. Most of what has been covered is stuff that I already know, or had heard about to some extent, or had hoped would be happening. But what a waste of a day but hey I was working.

The good thing is the day is almost over and I can get the hell out of here for the day and head home and get in my workout before spending the rest of the evening relaxing, something which I need to do.

This coming weekend should be fun, we have two winter storms bearing down on us for the weekend, both appear to not contain any snow, and will be primarily rain events for the area which I live in. That I am thankful for. I am not a huge fan of snow, its OK in small amounts but not a huge fan of large amounts.

Not sure what we will be doing for dinner tonight however, so that is something we have to figure out on the way home or once we get there.

Well this was a quick post, didn’t have much to write about this time around, but I will be posting my workout later as well.