Hump Day…

And so we are half way through the week, and this particular week couldn’t be more boring for sure. That is a good thing and a bad thing, on the good side because its boring I get to spend time getting knowledge, such as learning the system I am going to be managing the publications of, that helps, and then after that I can sign up for more classes which will help when I eventually get to not be a contractor anymore if that is ever to happen. I also use it to do some of my other learning as well.

In that case my personal trainer certification, doing the reading that is necessary for that. I am going to start going through the quizzes which I need to get done for the first 3 units I have already read. There is a single quiz for each unit or chapter.

I also get to plan out all our nightly workouts when its slow and don’t have to make them up on the fly which does happen when I get busy. I will be posting today workout later after its done, along with the stats from my Polar heart rate device as I did yesterday.

So I am a gun guy, and I have been reading lots lately about all the BS going on around this country with politicians attempting to strip us of our rights in ways that are just totally stupid, take Oregon for example, where they have gone just full stupid, how, they are going to limit magazine capacity to 5 rounds followed by limiting you to 20 rounds (bullets) per month. Couldn’t get much more dumb than that. I generally on a slow range day do 250 – 400 rounds, and I always go to the range with 500 – 700. You can’t practice anything with 20 rounds. My former home state has designs on doing the same thing after limiting capacity to 10 rounds last year and getting it through the courts as being OK, which it isn’t, and even funnier is no one is complying with the law which cracks me the fuck up, what are they going to do arrest 1M plus gun owners who collectively own well over 1M standard capacity magazines…LOL

No one ever said politicians were smart, and obviously they prove it more and more with every day that goes by.

OK, that is it for now.