Storms Coming…

So we have multiple storms coming this way where I live (North East), one rolling in tonight which is supposed to drop some snow on us before turning to rain and then another this weekend which will also start off as sleet/snow and is then supposed to turn over to rain. I am pretty done with precipitation in general as we have had far to much of it all of last year and now starting off this year the same way.

Work today has been pretty boring, but right now as the project I am on is just starting up things will be like that for sure. At some point this project will have me traveling regularly to the Southeast and being more involved. There might be other travel locations but Georgia is the only one I know of right now.

Wrote up tonight’s workout, which I will post later.

Trying to figure out the whole diet thing, I think one thing I will be doing is concentrating on trying to mostly eat natural foods, nothing out of a box, while getting what I need at a minimum to leave a bit of a deficit and trying to keep my carbs lower than normal. Will this be 100% Keto, not likely but I think that if I start eating more non-processed foods and can get rid of my junk food habit I will be golden. Junk food is my biggest issue at all.

Well this is it for now. More later.