It’s Friday…

So its Friday, woke up to some light snow this morning. Not much of anything here in Delaware, less than an inch. The storm that is more worrisome is the one coming Saturday evening because they are still pretty unsure what type of precipitation it will bring. So later today have to make sure I pick up some salt mostly for Monday which we have off because with the temps supposed to drop to in the single digits and or low teens anything wet will freeze.

Sunday we are supposed to head up to NJ and see our son, that will be barring the weather staying just rain, which right now it is supposed to be for the area we are driving too.

Last night I didn’t do much of a workout, I stuck to just hopping on my elliptical trainer and doing a couple of 8 minute Tabata’s as my knees were not playing nice at all. So on those days which this happens I back off lifting and in this case the WOD for yesterday which my wife did was lots of leg exercises. I know now when to back off, unlike in the past which led to just more injury.

For later on today, quick stop at the commissary before we head home, dinner is going to be some BBQ from a place called Dickie’s up by us on Route 40 in DE, as we need to have something different for dinner. A quick stop at Starbucks for the evenings coffee and then not quite sure what else we need to accomplish, other than a stop at Home Depot to pick up more knobs for out kitchen cabinets which we are changing out from what the builder used.

Well this is it for now, just another boring day in the life.