Absent again…

Absent from here, but I have been busy. Makes it difficult to keep at it. Below I will add my workouts from the last four days.

I don’t think they will have come out in the order which I would like them to have but you should be able to follow along. They all were pretty simple workouts but still hard as all get out.

Here is something else good, dinner from Sunday, Tex Mex Bacon Wrapped Chicken

This was good. And I got to eat it for lunch two more days as well. Can’t beat that.

Right now things at work are boring as all get out, but with the project I am working just really getting started there isn’t a lot going on and all.

Something else I have been doing is divesting of all kinds of stuff on eBay, just sold a MacBook Air and older iPad, getting rid of all the electronics that I don’t need that might still have some value. Next to go is my ancient iMac (which will get replaced eventually with a new one), followed by eventually getting rid of my MacBook Pro because I now have this new iPad Pro 12.9 I am using now. I find that it is a good thing to do at this point. I have a couple of Windows laptops that I might also put online and get rid of as well. Just not sure about that as of yet.

This weekend will be another range weekend, but not till Sunday after I pick up my new G43X, this should solve the issue I had with the P365 from Sig being too small in my hand. That will give me a smaller thinner handgun for CCW. Beyond that I have plans to purchase a couple more to round out my collection which would be an FN509 Tactical in Black (to replace the FDE one I traded), CZ P-10C, and Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS. I am also building an AR pistol in 5.56 which I haven’t finished yet, but pretty much have half of, just need an upper for that.

Well this is all for now. Maybe more later. We will see.