Friday, so good for it to be Friday

For me Friday means its the end of the week, which is good, I need the next two days off in order to decompress. It is also nice this weekend because I get some alone time, the wife has to drill and will be in NJ while I stay behind in DE. This weekend is also going to include a range trip, it is my form of therapy.

I will also be picking up a new G43X from Glock this weekend, tomorrow as a matter of fact and I can’t wait, I am hoping they have solved my issue with the new grip size of this sub-compact Glock. All previous smaller handguns have been trade in fodder because they are just too small, and I am not a small guy, I can fully conceal a full size handgun if I chose to do so, but honestly that can get a bit uncomfortable even when you can fully conceal it. So this will be nice to get my hands on.

It is funny when it comes to my firearms because I have always kept an open mind in regards to brands, but I always come back to Glock, I love them and hate them, and shoot them well, especially the new Gen 5 models which they were kind enough to make ambidextrous being I am a lefty. So at this point I tend to stick with firearms that are ambi as well, the ones that aren’t all wind up as trade in fodder at a later date, which could happen to the Springfield that I just got, but we will see, I love the gun itself and how well I shoot it but it lacks an ambi slide release/lock that the Glocks have. So it might also eventually go the way of the wind and be replaced by something else.

My job right now is quite boring, as things are still getting ramped up on the project which I am tasked to work on, and this is a good thing and bad thing both. But once it gets going I will be much busier and should also see my travel schedule pick up which will be a good thing too.

Also almost forgot that I had to submit my CCDW renewal application for my home state, realized it yesterday so got all I need for it and will get it submitted via certified mail tomorrow, Monday at the latest.

This will be all for now.