As usual we have Monday, can’t get away from it. What makes it worse is that work is a drag and that makes Monday the most painful day of the week. Right now have a little bit of work to do but not a great deal.

The weekend was nice, got all my errands done on Saturday, which included picking up my new 43X from Glock. It is a wonderful handgun, I love it. I took it to the range and put well over 200 rounds through it. It will be my EDC from here on out for when I can actually carry, which is only on weekends or evenings when at home. I have come to a conclusion that there are two brands of firearms that I might stick with going forward, Glock and Springfield, they are the two that I shoot the best and that I am most comfortable with. Though I would love to get good with the FN509 but I have to reacquire one. Though there are other Glocks I want to buy first, which would negate the need to even purchase the 509. So we will see what happens with that down the road.

So in getting a new gun, luckily I had a holster already for it that would work but what I find as someone that happens to be left handed is that companies out there that make holsters don’t support the other handed folks the way you would like, especially the ones that make the good high quality stuff. I have one company that I use regularly and they are good but there is another (who I won’t call out here yet) which I would love to use there stuff exclusively but they don’t offer the holsters left handed. It is a bummer. To those companies that don’t support left handed folks, you should do it, yes it might cost you a bit but if you earn our business we are loyal as hell and we will share are passion for your products with everyone.

I have been working towards my personal trainer cert, that fills some of my free time at work, so as not to be bored to tears, I have to complete 31 quizzes and read a 2″ thick book to re-certify with the people I am going through. I have till June, but I am rocking along to get it done. I have about a third of the stuff out of the way at this point so chugging along with it.

It will be great to start coaching people in fitness again once I get it done and its final and official. I have ideas of where I am going to focus, and it will be outside of standard areas that most other fitness coaches concentrate.

Well time for me to get back to actual work. LOL