28 Jan Workout and more…

So here is yesterdays workout and the stats from my Polar

The workout itself was meant to be short, got home a bit later than normal, well not much but oh well.

We kept dinner simple last night as well, just eggs and some sausage to go with it. This mainly because of the late arrival home and the fact that I already have some lunch leftovers for today.

Still trying to get myself to the full Keto, I am probably running it at about 70%, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t likely going to cut it to get where I want to get. So by next week the goal is to get 100%. It really comes down to meal planning and I told the wife if we have to plan just a day ahead then that is what we do, gotta make it easy for us as well. Trying to plan a full week is just not something I envision us doing. But picking the next nights food the day before I can see.

Today will be doing a max deadlift workout, so 10 sets of singles to reach a max. I am hoping I can get above body weight, which I don’t think will be too difficult.

Work today will be another boring ass day at the office. We are expecting snow sometime today so wondering if it will start prior to us leaving work. Hopefully not because that will just make the ride home take a lot longer.

One of these days I will get my wife to actually leave work on time, she seems to think that if we get to work at 630AM we should leave at 330 or later in her case, but technically since neither of us really take a lunch both of us should get out of here at 3PM, but alas that never happens. She continues to keep encroaching on our free time by wanting to work earlier and stay later. It drives me nuts for sure. Eventually I hope to get her to see it my way though.

Well for now this is all. I might get to posting the workout from later today tonight.