Hump Day…

So last night with the weather being the way it was I opted out of the workout, knee pain that bad requires backing off a bit, and just going with cardio.

I will likely do that workout from yesterday today. Again all depends on how the knee feels, I don’t want another injury, two surgeries on this one already, don’t want more and want to keep this knee intact and all original for as long as possible.

It is hard to believe that January is almost already over, it has pretty much flown by and that surprises me for sure. Don’t really want the year to fly by but I guess I don’t have much control over that at all.

So yesterday into this morning we were supposed to get snow, we might have gotten a dusting, now don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, as I am not a huge fan of snow, unless we are talking enough of it to shut everything down. Today we are getting some of that polar vortex action though, and we will have temps in the low single digits with wind chills in the negative numbers, and this should persist until tomorrow.

Work of course still boring, not much going on but going to start doing somethings that will help me get ahead as I go along especially if I can get my job converted down the road which is my goal so that I can eventually get some kind of retirement going on which I don’t have at the moment. The more of these courses I can get under my belt the more valuable it makes me as an employee.

I should also as the project goes along start to get into a travel mode, where I spend a good amount of time on the road for the organization that I am working with right now, and I am OK with that because I get paid extra to travel so that is a good thing in my book. Extra money is always a good thing.

My other goal for this year is re-establishing my online fitness coaching business and getting it ramped up once I get my certification re-done, which I am also moving along with at a decent clip. Not sure what I am going to do with my firearms training certifications, the one is easy to maintain, the other could cost me quite a bit to keep up and I might have to let it go. We will see how that goes, I think in the grand scheme of things it will be far easier to do fitness coaching and getting clients for that over getting clients for firearms training as I haven’t had much luck with it, and I know I can get clients for the other.

On another good note, weighed myself today, 222.8, which to me is a good thing. Ever so closer to getting back below 220. Haven’t been below that since I had bronchitis a couple of years ago which lead to me getting down to around 210-212. Wasn’t a healthy weight loss so I did gain it all back. Not the way I would recommend to lose weight.

Well this is all for now.


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    1. Trust me after nearly 4 decades of lifting, most of it while doing powerlifting I have learned the hard way to listen to my body. Nearly destroying most of it was required before I got smart enough. So a cardio day is usually a rest day, because at least a bit of time on my elliptical is a good thing for my knees vs. nothing at all.

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