Almost the Weekend…

And its F*cking cold as all get out here. Woke up this morning to 7 degrees. That is cold for Delaware.

So last night did my workout, below is the workout and results from my Polar, plus the day before’s Polar results

Hey, look at that, started playing and figured out how to edit the size of the pictures, now want to get them next to each other and I am rocking along. That will be for another day though, as figuring out how to edit these things on the iPad is way different than on a laptop or desktop.

Tonight not sure what kind of workout I will be doing, with this intense cold weather it has been causing me some additional pain that I am not fond of and last night knocking out a 285 deadlift didn’t assist in making my knees feel any better. But I am good with that. End goal of all major lifts is to get double body weight for a single and then work on improving that to 5 – 8 reps at double body weight. I would say that at 49, 50 by the time I get there is pretty damn good. Growing my strength back has been pretty easy, I have just been consistent in going upward, but in just small increments as I have gone along. The primary goal get strong and don’t get injured in the process of doing so.

This is it for now, more later maybe.


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