Productive Weekend…

The weekend was actually productive, got in two workouts, one CrossFit the other straight up Cardio, which are below:

Just got Saturday there, I don’t have my photos synced so that I can access them from my phone for some reason. But all good. Sunday was just Cardio.

But also on Saturday we went and picked up some new storage shelves which we then put together on Sunday and added to our basement, so that we can get our storage game together a bit better. We also stopped in at a few furniture stores as we are looking for a Server for our Dining room as I intend to move my desk out of the dining room and into the room we chose to be an office. This also requires moving a twin size captains bed upstairs into the loft area of the house. That will not be any fun at all. But this is the result of those shelves.

We had a smaller shelf and two small cabinets in this location before, the one cabinet we moved over next to the workbench we built for down in the basement, it now contains all our painting supplies as we have started painting some of the rooms upstairs as well.

I definitely don’t look forward to moving that captains bed, it will be a pain in the but because it is extremely heavy so it won’t be much fun at all to move.

Finding a server for the dining room likely isn’t going to be all that easy either, we did find one that we like while looking on Saturday just have to see if we can find anything else at all before going and getting that one.

Today while at work I am getting some of my trainer certification stuff done as today is just another one of those boring days here, but all good. It allows me to get stuff done. I am about 50% of the way through that.

Also this weekend I put a new flat but still curved trigger in my Glock 43X, also have trigger shoes for my other two Glocks which are the same that I need to install, just haven’t gotten to those yet as I need a decent bench block so I can get the pin out of the old shoe, which needs to be punched through. Go figure Glock makes it harder to replace one of the things that one really needs to make the Glock Perfection. LOL!

Well this is all for now, more later, maybe or an update to this post with a couple of extra pictures I don’t have yet.