And It’s Hump Day Again…

This week is a slow week, and it seems to be dragging along as well. It is a good thing I can find things to do while in the office. It is great to get paid to do things other than work sometimes. Work will make up for it later, once this thing is ramped up I will be busier than all get out.

So this weeks workouts have been good so far, they are below:

So that was Monday, yesterday with the weirdness that is the weather and it being 60 degrees when we got out of work we headed to the local park with a walking/running track and this is from that.

Now normally I would walk a small portion of this and run a little bit, but I have decided that I want to improve my running game a bit, and every time I go here I am going to run every other tenth of a mile and increase on that till I can run the full 2.6 miles. The only thing that hampers my running is my knees, but I put on sleeves and just go. I am not trying to run too fast, just fast enough. The goal will eventually be able to run this at least 2 laps.

I have also added 100 push-ups every morning as well, and intend to continue doing that for the long term, maybe even building that to 200 over time.

Last thing I am doing is messing around with the whole cold exposure thing, by making the last 3 minutes of my morning shower as cold as tolerable at least 5 times a week, though I am thinking I will just do it 7 days a week from here on out. I want to see what it does if anything other than wake my ass up good in the morning.

I am planning on changing up my workout routine and going back to focusing more on a bodybuilding type routine vs. the CrossFit, don’t get me wrong I love the CrossFit but I want the structure of the bodybuilding routine. So over the next couple of days I am going to be working that out and just doing cardio workouts as I work that through. I am going to base most of it around what I consider the big 4 lifts. I am however going to keep doing the IF and Keto so that I can continue my attempt to getting leaner by my 50th Birthday.

In the realm of firearms, I got my hands on flat faced trigger shoes for my Glocks, but had to buy some extra gunsmithing tools in order to install them. Should be doing that tonight after I get done working out and having dinner. I installed the one on my Glock 43X, but that was an entire trigger groups so it was a piece of cake, that wasn’t available for the Gen 5 Glocks which are the other two I have. I will put some pictures up after I have done all three.

Well that is all for now. Maybe more later.