I’ve been MIA…

I have been bad again at getting on here and posting new stuff. I have to stop that for sure and make sure I do this regularly.

Life has been busy, last week I was in Huntsville, AL for my full time job and that kept me busy. Stinks to be on the road though, always makes it difficult to get in good workouts, so winded up doing cardio for the most part all week while I was there.

I have also been busy trying to get my personal trainer cert completed so that I can work on adding to it pretty much right away with a Nutrition Cert and then one that focuses on Bodybuilding and then Strength & Conditioning. All from the same organization (ISSA). Once I get the first one out of the way I will launch my online training again and work on getting that going.

I haven’t missed any training, more or less only doing 1 rest day a week where I don’t do anything at all. I always at a minimum just do cardio.

My next thing is I have to seriously work on cleaning up my diet, that is really the most important thing I have to get done. I am better than I used to be but could be so much better. Junk food is my thing, I have to get away from that.

I am also trying to find a supplement company which I can focus on promoting as part of my business and to earn some money from or at least free products from for promoting them. Right now I am leaning towards Blackstone Labs, 1st Phorm or Legion. Blackstone is in the lead at this point.

I am going to be doing my best to make sure I post at least once per day from this point forward as I am trying to build a following here for the purpose of getting this business started and just to share. I know my life is pretty boring but hey people show up and read what I write so I want to keep sharing.