Whoops, missed a day…

OK, so missed yesterday, but here today. Here are the first two workouts of the week:

So tonight is shoulders. The workouts have all been progressing the same, with me quickly approaching the 1 RM’s I have already established at the end of the last cycle of this. The one big thing I have to start adding at the end is the HIIT session on my heavy bag. That is a must going forward and I have to include it.

Most of what I am doing currently is geared more towards strength building, but I think I am going to rework this to more of a power building type workout, so it isn’t 100% focused on strength alone.

So another thing I did, couple of weeks ago went and picked this up:

I have owned a Glock 19X previously but missed it and it is a far better handgun than the Springfield it replaced. One important thing about it is that it is ambi, which the Springfield wasn’t. That is a big deal to those of us that are lefties. I have pretty much decided that I am going to just own Glocks at this point, though that could change in the future adding other handguns. But I have one more Glock I am planning on acquiring (Gen 5 G17 MOS) and then I am done with handguns for a while, as I have two AR pistols which I need to finish building.

The week thus far at work has been outrageously boring as all I have to do is read technical manuals to get familiar with the products. It’s boring, but have to do it.

I also have been working on the last part of getting my personal trainer cert back in order, down to the last part of the testing part of that then I just have to finish paying for it and I will receive my cert.

Well this will be all for now.