And Something New…

And so I have been slacking yet again, but you know life gets in the way of our best intentions from time to time, which is what is happening with me. I am trying to do to many things all at one time and that isn’t exactly good.

I decided after doing some research and also evaluating how my body is working as of late that I am going to back off the straight up powerlifting style workouts I have been doing, though I am good with them as the weights keep going up which I expected I worry that injury might try to pay a visit upon me. Something which I do not want. And with that evaluation and knowing that I am fast approaching 50 my goals are not about getting a huge 1 RM anymore but these goals are about lowering body fat levels and being as fit as possible.

With all that about here was last nights workout:

So this workout was a High Intensity Interval Training workout using weights, followed by the same with Cardio. The goal is to time these out to what has been deemed as an optimal time, which is about 22.5 minutes, the study I was reading was based on doing H.I.I.T three times a week, this allowed the participants to decrease body fat by 12.4%, so this is appealing to me for sure as this is my primary goal. It also will allow me to decrease time spent working out while increasing intensity.

This past weekend got some time to hit the range and do some shooting which was a great thing, had to run a couple of new guns and run my others that I have done upgrades on (new triggers). I recently added a new Glock 19X and a new Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS to my collection. I will likely use the G17 for competition purposes once I start that and I was able to shoot that really good at 7 and 10 yards, and that was even with the red dot sight being all assed up, had to turn it off. I will be adjusting it this week and seeing how it works out, but I think the red dot on this one hand gun is going to be getting sold off.

Still working on my CFT stuff, hope to get that done in the next few weeks, and have that all out of the way. Also working on an EO3 Coaching Certification as well which I will be starting up this week. That should only take about 10 weeks to get out of the way. Then looking at some extra stuff through ISSA for certs. Just not sure which one I will do next.

Well I think this is all for now.