Tuesday and Wednesday

OK, so continuing on with the H.I.I.B (High Intensity Interval Bodybuilding) is actually what I am going to call it, since I am focusing mostly on using barbells and dumbbells for my intervals and then following it up with a separate HIIT cardio workout with either my elliptical or hitting the heavy bag. So here they are.

Legs was Tuesday and Shoulders was Wednesday. Not sure if I am going to get in a workout today as I have some things to do after work which might get in the way of that but not sure yet. Won’t really know till later.

Got my facebook page that goes with this site completely set up finally, though waiting to be able to give it a name that makes it easier to find, just not sure how long that generally takes since the page is pretty new. But I just scored that now so it can be found @Fitnessandfirearms and I will add that to my links here on this page at some point in the very near future.

My regular job is killing me with the boredom level but in this case since I am doing all this other side hustle stuff it really isn’t so bad cuz I get some of it done since I have my iPad sitting here next to me getting it all done. So can’t beat that.

Oh, in terms of diet, I have got to get my shit together with that, and so I am going to be cutting out anything junk food related for the most part and replacing that with actual real fruit when I do want something sweet to eat. But will be including one cheat day per week. Also going to be shooting mostly to use Keto in order to get where I want to be with my overall future look.

Well this is all for right now, more later.