It’s Monday…

And I hate Monday’s for sure. But we can’t avoid them at all!

So now my biggest problem is getting my shit together and making sure I post here on a daily basis so that I can continue to grow this blog and also in the future start growing the business that will be tied to this.

So all last week was mostly Crossfit workouts and some cardio workouts, and going forward I will be continuing to concentrate on Crossfit style workouts without a doubt it just works. I just have to program two different workouts each day, one for me and one for my wife, so we can both get our workouts done at the same time and I have been doing that successfully for the last week.

Today I am having issues with my knee, but I am going to power through one way or another and get my workout done later, even though it has squats in it. Just gonna do it, being it is nothing more than the arthritis acting up and causing the pain.

So over the last couple of weeks I have been investigating some supplement companies to switch to using there products solely and also to recommend/promote with the business I am going to be starting up in the near future, I have set my sites on Redcon1 to be that supplement company. I have started using a couple of there products (GI Juice and Foxtrot) the first one is a greens product, it tastes great and I love it so far. The other is a joint support supplement and I haven’t been taking it long enough to chime in on it at this point.

I have been building an AR15 Pistol for some time, well collecting the parts, but now it is an actual completed thing, which I finished putting together over the weekend so happy I got that all done. It comes at a great time since the state I live in (Delaware) is preparing for more gun control stupidity thanks to the liberal dumbocrats that are running things. They want to ban “assault weapons” which don’t exist, limit magazine capacity to some arbitrary number and then also require a permit to purchase a firearm. All stupid stuff that won’t do anything to help fight crime. As a matter of fact not one of the 20K plus gun laws in this country ever did anything to stop a gun crime, and it is about time these morons started realizing that. There is a portion of the 2nd Amendment that states “Shall Not Be Infringed” apparently liberals don’t understand this. Enough on that at least for now.

Still working on what is now two fitness related certifications which I hope to have done soon so that I can get moving on starting up my coaching business. This is something I hope to have in full swing by the summer for sure.

I think this is it for now.