A Bit Busy…

I have been a bit busy as of late and haven’t actually had the chance to post anything at all here.

So this is going to be a short post in order to make up for that.

I was traveling for my full time job this past week, spent half of the week in Huntsville, AL, not a bad place, I actually like it there. I will be going back there at the end of the month as well for just a bit longer.

The full time job itself is well pretty damned boring, but then again it always has been for the most part. It stopped being fun a long time ago.

Recently I finished my first AR Pistol build, pictured below

It is a 10.5″ barrel, has an SB Tactical SBA3 brace on it, Magpul pistol grip. The lower is from Anderson Machine and the upper is from Palmetto State Armory. Trigger is from Rise Armament. The optic is from Sightmark, don’t remember which one without looking at it. I still have to get it to the range but haven’t had time.

I am also going to be putting up a new logo for this site, that should go live on the site I am hoping by Saturday the latest.

Well this is it for now. Actually booking out of work early today. Thank Goodness.