And I’m Back…

So I have been absent from posting for a while, mostly because I have been busy as all get out due to my full time gig, which well I still have to do and will for the foreseeable future. Now of course the goal is to hopefully get away from it altogether in the future which is what I am working on.

So lately I have been thinking and at some point I chose that Crossfit isn’t for me anymore and I am moving back to Powerlifting training, but with goals in mind with it. What are those goals? First, drop weight, which has been an ongoing goal for a while, but I have a couple of targets to hit, first is 198, and then once I get there see how I feel and see how strong I am, and decide if I am going to move down to 183. So why these two weights, the first one is just below the 93KG weight class for USAPL (USA Powerlifting), and the second weight is the 83KG weight class, these are about 205 lbs and 183 lbs respectively. Goal number two is to then compete in the Masters class in at least one USAPL meet, and qualify for Nationals. Once I do that I will decide if I want to actually compete at Nationals (which I likely will).

In the meantime I am trying to also get this site all updated in order to get it live with my fitness coaching business and firearms training business. Honestly at some point I will primarily focus on the fitness coaching because my intent is to do this 100% online vs. 1-on-1, which is how I will be doing the firearms training, it will not be a group thing as I want to be able to give my clients personal attention to make sure they are learning.

So for training I will be doing 5/3/1 which was developed by Jim Wendler, this works for me, and has every time I have implemented it so I will continue with it and do as many 9 week cycles as needed to get to my end goals before competing. I am looking to hit a 500 lb. Squat, 500 lb. Deadlift and a 300 lb. Bench. Now of course if I can hit more that will be great as well but those are the numbers I am looking for initially. I think this is doable, as once upon a time I benched 525 for reps, at a much heavier weight and have deadlifted and squatted well in excess of 700 lbs. as well. But this will be all new again as I will be trying to hit these weights at a far lower body weight than in the past, which was somewhere near 300 lbs. But again I think its doable, right now the maxes I have established though light are 205 Bench, 295 Squat, and 285 deadlift. So I got a ways to go but I anticipate being able to continuously add 20 – 50 lbs to those maxes per 9 weeks without any trouble at all.

I am going to work harder at trying to post at least daily from now on, so that I can get myself into the habit of doing so. Shouldn’t be that hard I will have lots of time since all next week I will be on travel for work and will be able to set aside the time to do so.