About Me

The primary purpose of this site is to have someplace to share my journey with fitness and firearms. Right now I am in the process to trying to get my ass into the best shape that it has been in throughout my life and to get into the competitive shooting sports as well. So here I am going to document what I am doing with my diet and training for getting into shape and also my training with my firearms as I move along with this secondary goal.

So now to me, I was born in 1969, a great year, so some might think I am old, but that is only if one believes they can be old. I spend my time working full-time as a Technical Writer/Editor, and have been doing this for roughly 18 years. Prior to that I was mostly doing drafting and design work for several years. I got into the Technical Writing bit by accident, I needed to keep my job, so I adapted. Along the lines of the writing I think I am going to write up some reviews on the firearms that I currently own so that maybe I can get into doing more of that as I move this thing along.

I am also into fitness, I mostly do CrossFit at this point, but in the past I was more a Powerlifter than anything, and right now I am moving away from CrossFit and back to the realm of Powerlifting training because I am trying more so to add muscle so that I can burn more fat. I am also working towards getting into competitive shooting something which I find quite fun, and its a great way to blow off steam by hitting the range and sending a few hundred rounds down range.

Along the above lines I was a certified personal trainer until a couple of years ago, no time to maintain the cert so I let it expire, but I am contemplating getting that going again (Which I have, getting my ISSA Cert again, working on it currently) so that I can monetize this site a bit by using my expertise in both areas. But I have in place become a certified firearms instructor to go along with my want to get into competitive shooting.

Just a little bit of a tease, if you want to know more ask me, we can have a conversation.

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