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What we intend on focusing on at Fitness & Firearms is Safety Awareness in regards to how you handle your firearm, teaching you how to then Accurately place your rounds on target all the time, all while demonstrating to you how much FUN shooting is for anyone who is interested in doing it.

A little bit about me, my name is David White, I first learned how to shoot when my father took me out to the makeshift range that him and some guys from the Police Department he worked for set up on a farmers land in the town they worked. I was about 12 years old, and learned to shoot with his service weapon at the time which was a Smith & Wesson 686 in .357 Magnum. That for some will give you an idea of how long ago it was. I sporadically got to target shoot from time to time after that.

About 6 years ago when the wife and I had to move south and landed in Delaware where we live today I found out how easy it was here to purchase my own firearms, so for the last 6 years I have gotten more heavily involved in improving my shooting skills. I enjoy it so much I have set out to learn the art of teaching others how to improve there own skills in shooting. To do this I have now become certified through the USCCA and NRA as a Certified Defensive Pistol Instructor, primarily right now for pistols only. I do have plans to get my Rifle Instructor Certification in the next year though as well. I am also seeking to obtain my USCCA Instructor Certification this year as well, I have plans to do it hopefully before June of this year.

I have plans in the coming year to compete in USPSA, IDPA and GSSF competitions as well and hope to extend that into coaching others who are interested in getting into the shooting sports.

My goal with my business isn’t to get rich, but to introduce more people to the shooting sports and show them that shooting is FUN and SAFE.

Below you will find all of the services that we currently are offering to our potential students. We will be adding more class offerings shortly.

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course – Instructor Led, Semi-Auto Only

This eight-hour course’s goal is to teach a student the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a single-action and double-action revolver and semi-automatic pistol safely. Students will identify the parts of a pistol and type actions and demonstrate how they function. Students will apply and adopt the NRA rules for safe gun handling and demonstrate how to handle a pistol in a safe manner, learn to explain the different components of a pistol cartridge and explain the firing sequence. They will learn the factors in determining how to purchase a handgun, how to properly identify and store ammunition and understand the major causes of cartridge malfunctions. Students will also learn gun range safety rules and commands and will know the five steps of the fundamentals of marksmanship. This course is conducted in the classroom, with time also spent on the range. Students will receive the Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook, course completion certificate, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, as well as the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet.

Note: For the NRA basic class portion of the live fire drills, you will use your pistol and ammunition, and these are not included in the course cost. For the Group Shooting Clinic after the NRA course, you will use your own pistol/ammunition, or you may rent/buy ammunition from us with advance notice. For the clinic, the ammunition required is 100 cartridges.

To prepare for this class: Please leave firearms in your car until the instructor tells you to bring them into the classroom. Please note: No ammunition is allowed in the classroom. Please leave it in your car.

If you do not own a pistol, we will rent you one, or you may use your own for the Group Shooting Clinic (100 cartridges) and you must purchase the ammunition to do the clinic. If you have eye and ear protection bring them. If not, we sell eye/ear protection.

For supplementary training you will need an additional 100 pistol cartridges.

Cost: $109.00

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course – Instructor Led, Semi-Auto Only

USCCA Certified Concealed Carry for Delaware Residents

Registration and payment for this class may be done below.

USCCA Certified Concealed Carry Course is a comprehensive USCCA Certified course that focuses on the use of a Concealed handgun as a tool for self-defense. This course will specifically deal with the laws and requirements within the State of Delaware.

This course will also entail the requirement for live fire at a local range where you will be required to fire 100 rounds through your handgun.

Please note: No ammunition is allowed in the classroom. Please leave it in your car.

Lessons include:

  • Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan:
  • Defining a Personal Protection Plan
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Color Codes of Awareness
  • Areas to Avoid
  • Cover
  • Concealment
  • Exit Strategy
  • How a Permit to Carry Fits

Self Defense Firearms Basics:

  • Safety
  • Understanding Semi-Automatics
  • Understanding Revolvers
  • Understanding Modern Striker-Fired Handguns
  • Selecting a Handgun
  • Ammo for home defense/range
  • Gun and Ammo Malfunctions and drills to address malfunctions

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals:

  • Defensive shooting versus Marksmanship
  • Grip, Shooting Platform
  • Aligning the Muzzle to Target
  • Point Shooting
  • Unsighted/Sighted Fire
  • Flash Sight Picture
  • Trigger Control

The Legal Use of Force:

  • Defining Force
  • Legal Use of Force
  • Deadly Force
  • Where Reasonable Force ends and Deadly Force Begins
  • Force Scenarios
  • What Prosecutors Want to Know
  • Defending Home and Property

Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath:

  • Fight or Flight
  • Adrenaline and Endorphins
  • Recognizing Threats
  • Issuing Commands
  • When Left with No Other Choice
  • When Right to Use Deadly Force Ends
  • Immediate Aftermath
  • Phone Calls to Make
  • When Police Arrive
  • Statements to Police
  • During and After your Arrest

Gear and Gadgets:

  • Holster Types and Holster Retention
  • Belts
  • Flashlights
  • Weapon Mounted Lights
  • Lasers, Firearms Storage

Basic and Advanced Skills:

  • Creating a Training Program
  • Dry Firing
  • Drills

What’s Next?

Cost: $239.00

USCCA Certified Concealed Carry

One-on-One Training

This is additional training that we offer where we will work one on one with the student to help you continue to improve your abilities. We will do this through the use of different types of training both in and out of the range.

Reminder: No firearms are allowed in the classroom during these seminars.

Cost: $60.00 Per Hour

Costs Below are based on Number of Sessions:

One (1) Session $60.00 USD

Two (2) Sessions $120.00 USD

Four (4) Sessions $240.00 USD

Six (6) Sessions $360.00 USD

One-On-One Training


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