10 Weeks Down

Today marked the 10th week of the EMOM Aesthetics program from Barbell Shrugged, which I have been running through. It was something I tried because I have been working from home since this whole Covid thing has started more or less, so I started getting up earlier (4AM) and getting in an early morning workout Monday through Friday, but I needed it to be short, so this workout fit the bill at 20 total minutes. I am going to run through this 10-week program once more since I will work from home for the foreseeable future or likely till the end of the year.

As far as my diet itself has been going I have been doing my best to avoid carbohydrates and getting most of my calories from Fat and Proteins which has been going well. I have days where I eat some carbs from time to time, but mostly I have been avoiding them as much as possible. I have also been messing around with intermittent fasting followed by eating breakfast with no intermittent fasting and have concluded that I will skip only 1 day per week of intermittent fasting as skipping an entire week caused me to gain somewhere around 5 pounds.

I definitely like this program and I will probably continue to follow either this one or start programming my own workouts in this manner which is a bodybuilding style EMOM, where you wind up working the entire body over the course of the 5 days of workouts. It is good because the workouts are short and intense, and those are the workouts I prefer these days as they allow me to get stuff done quick. And till I go back to the office I will do these workouts at 4AM with an added cardio session in the afternoon which I do Monday through Thursday, then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I do just a single workout.

As of this morning I am at 206 pounds and around 19% body fat, so I am getting ever closer to my goal weight and goal body fat level. Still shooting for between 180 – 185 for end weight and hoping to get my body fat to around 12 – 15%, not sure how easy that will be as I am now 51, so none of this is easy at this point. I have to work damn hard to lose every pound and percentage point I drop.

Next week I will take as a break week and only doing two cardio sessions per day before restarting the EMOM program from week 1 at which time I will concentrate on upping the training poundages more as I through the program this time around.

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