So this week I have decided that I would take a break from the EMOM routine that I have been doing for 10 weeks now before I repeat it again. I am just waking up at 4AM and doing cardio for about 24 minutes and then doing a longer cardio workout after I get done with work. That will happen Monday – Thursday and on Friday I will do a single workout.

I am looking at my diet again; I have mostly been eating just meat with very little to no carbs. I am contemplating adding back just veggies, mostly fresh ones versus anything else or fresh frozen, but nothing that would be processed or canned, and I would only add these at dinner time staying with meat only for lunch most days if not all. I will also continue to do intermittent fasting but will probably do so 7 days a week and maybe every other week add in one day where I add breakfast. I am also thinking of adding one day of full fasting per week, at least for two months, to see how that affects my weight and fat loss. Experimentation at this point is how I will probably get to my final weight goal, since it has taken the same experimentation to get where I am now.

The website is coming along, my big thing that I have to work out is the packages and final pricing which I will offer, that is something that I have been mulling around the last couple of days. I feel right now I am closer to have a full decision on where I am going to be going with that at this point. I just have to get it listed on the site with the proper buttons in place for ordering. I also will set up some Facebook groups, one for each level of program I will offer and one that is just a plain group for anyone. I should have those set up by the weekend or early next week.

I am going to offer two packages and will accept 10 clients for each of those packages. They will both offer different levels of support for those clients that choose each. That is what will differentiate them from one another is the level of support one gets.

Well, this is my update for now, likely won’t post anything new till tomorrow.

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