So last night at around 815PM I started what will be a two-week period of rational fasting. What does this mean? Till Wednesday evening at around dinner time I will fast so around 60+ hours. I will then eat dinner on Wednesday followed by fasting for 2 plus more days, which will be until a 4 hour eating window that I get on both Saturday and Sunday. The second week of this will start on Sunday evening after the 4 hour eating window and will go till the following Saturday when a new 4 hour eating window starts. So I will fast for 5+ days at that point.

I have done this twice before and it allowed me to get past sticking points that I was having in making my weight move downward as I wanted it to. It is drastic for sure, but it works without a doubt. Earlier this year I was around 230+ and right now I am hovering around 206, if I get the same weight loss this time around I should wind up in the mid 180’s by the end of this fast. I would then expect a bit of bounce back from it, so I expect to finally be able to see my weight stay consistently below 200 pounds at that point.

Once I do this, I will probably start doing some kind of regular fasting maybe just a couple of times per month to help keep my weight from getting out of the range I want it to stay in. My end goal is to maintain somewhere between 180 – 185 permanently, though I also want to keep decreasing my body fat level while maintaining that weight, which is where using regular fasting and the ketovore diet I have been doing will come in.

I will do my regular workouts during this two weeks which will comprise my morning EMOMs and at least 4 days a week my afternoon cardio sessions which I will mix up according to the weather outside here since we are heading into fall here in the North East and the weather is changing a bit.

Last, during this fasting period I will drink over 1 gallon of water per day which will contain an electrolyte mixture from Dr. Berg which I purchase from Amazon. This is very important to the success of this whole thing.

I will continue to post about my experience with this period of fasting as I move through it.

All for now!

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