01 Oct, Fast Update

Started the 2 week fasting period on Sunday night, fasted until Wednesday at around 530 – 600, got to eat one meal and back to fasting, which will go until Saturday at dinner time. Yesterday I had my yearly visit to the cardiologist which I have been doing for about 4ish years now, my weight was 202 on their scale but fully clothed, so I guess that my weight just in the first 3 days is down 6 – 7 pounds. I will weigh myself on Saturday with no clothing to get a more accurate accounting of my actual weight.

With this being the third time I have done this, it isn’t any big deal. It was the hardest the first time I tried it. I expect to have just as much success this time around as the first and second times, but what I am hoping for mostly this time is for my weight to actually stay under 200 pounds long term even with some bounce back which I do expect to get. One issue with this and why it is something I would never do more often than I have done or will do more often than ever, muscle soreness, I have been hitting my workouts but with no protein being brought on board to help repair my muscles faster I am staying sore for longer or just plain getting sore when I wouldn’t normally do so.

Trying to decide what I will cook us for dinner on Sunday when the wife comes back from drill in NJ, leaning towards these great ribs we have been getting from Costco, and slow cooking them, which should be outstanding. This will be a nice lead in to fasting for 5 days straight.

Still working on the site and have to get my packages straight, I hope to do that at some point today, having decided on how that will go. And once I get that done, I will start working on marketing some to get my first clients.

Just a quick update on progress and all

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