Update on Fast…

Well, I am in the homestretch in terms of this 2-week period of fasting, and all I have to say is it sucks. Why do I say that it sucks? That answer requires two parts, part 1, being hungry pretty much constantly after the first day. Part 2, an eventual total lack of energy that has left me with nothing more than the ability to do cardio type workouts.

During week 1 I started the week with my regular workouts, that went south fast as my muscle soreness by Wednesday was just too over the top to continue with weight training even though my workouts are rather brief they are intense, and my body just couldn’t keep up with that at all.

Not sure if I put it out here in an update, but I dropped something to the effect of 14.8 pounds by last Friday. I am sure a bunch of that is water weight, even though I have been consuming a gallon or more of water each day. My body fat level was also down about 3.5% which is good in my book.

Conclusion, fasting long term sucks now that I have done it three times I know I will not be doing it anymore at least long term. What I will continue to do is intermittent fasting using a 16/8 method and maybe once or twice a month doing a single day fast just for the benefits, though that is still up in the air at this point. I will put up an update tomorrow in the AM after I weigh myself for the last day of this fast, I am expecting some additional loss though not sure about that yet.

Fasting might have its benefits but I have no intention of doing it again, at least not soon, it just isn’t for me, I love food way too much to do it anymore than I have done already.

In terms of what I will be doing going forward, intermittent fasting will be included, it has helped me in my opinion. Beyond that I will be focusing on what I have heard termed as ketovore, which is meat heavy keto, why that because though I love the idea of carnivore eating I miss vegetables and I miss eating fruit. The one thing I will do mostly is avoid any processed type foods sticking with fresh and organic when I can get it for a good price.

That is all for now.

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