Final Fasting Update

Well this morning was the final weigh-in for this period of fasting, I finished at 193.6 with body fat measuring 21.8 percent. My weight was down a total of 13 lbs from two weeks ago and body fat is 4% lower.

This will be the last time I do any type of long term fasting as it is a detriment to the way in which I prefer to train. I wake up early and do 20 minutes of CrossFit style bodybuilding EMOMs and they aren’t easy at all and after the first couple of days since ones body really isn’t getting much fuel I can’t do those workouts anymore because my body isn’t getting what is needed to recuperate properly. I will likely pepper in single day fasts along the way from time to time but will primarily be sticking to intermittent fasting only while doing meat heavy Keto.

This was the third time I have done this rational fasting protocol and it has definitely helped me because my body weight is now below 200 once again, hopefully I won’t have a great deal of bounce back with this time and I will stay below 200.

Tomorrow will be a bit of an adventure going to be taking a bike ride along a the Delaware Canal in PA starting at Washington Crossing State Park there, the last time the wife and I did it we went 40 miles, we intend on going further this time, so last time we went 20 miles and back 20, this time we will maybe go 30 or 35 and back the same to our starting point so we will be looking at 60 or 70 miles. On Sunday my wife is going to be doing the Army 10 miler as well, though virtually she intends on running the whole thing the first day.

All for now.

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