Too much sh*t going on…

I am sure I am not the only one that bites off more than they can chew, but that is what I have done at this point. So what did I do, I added extra certs to go with my Personal Training Certification through ISSA to get to Elite level status, so right now I have 5 days to complete 2 additional certs, I have 1 complete that I submitted yesterday and I have a second one is over 2/3s done in terms of the exam and then I have the most difficult one left to do.

I then also signed up for a new Tactical Conditioning Cert, which to me is great to have because I would love to focus on that area as it is geared more towards functional fitness, which I concentrate on with my training. That one I won’t need to get into till after I finish these other ones.

Right now the one I submitted is the Transformation Specialist and I am nearly ready to submit the Bodybuilding Specialist after I answer the two case study questions which I am working on, they might take some time like into tomorrow, which will leave me about 4 days to finish the Nutrition Certification essay questions.

Well, that is it for now, just wanted to vent to myself about what I did to myself, I had a friggin’ year to get these done and waited till the last minute.

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