Good News, bad news…

So the other day I submitted one of my certifications I am working on, that would be the Transformation Specialist, yesterday I got word I passed that one and am now certified as a Transformation Specialist with the ISSA. Yesterday after some good thought I took a mulligan and submitted the Bodybuilding Certification with some substandard answers in the essay portion of the exam, I did this because I wanted to move onto the more important item which was the Nutrition Certification, which I am working right now.

The bad news I got an email today about the Bodybuilding Cert stating I need to work on the last two essay questions because they weren’t good enough for them to evaluate. Too bad they don’t realize I have been busting my ass working out for nearly 40 years, I have read more books on training and done more training than the vast majority of people on this planet and I know what I am talking about and doing. Part of the problem is the one question is definitely not suited for being done as a written essay question and should be done via a submitted video, which I put out there in my answer to that question.

Right now I am working the Nutrition stuff, and will get that submitted by tomorrow in the AM, that is more important at this moment so the Bodybuilding Cert will wait and I will improve it after I finish Nutrition or I will just let it go and not bother with it at the moment at all.

Quick update to this post, 23 October I submitted my Nutrition Certification after I completed it. I am sure that I will pass it with flying colors. I also still have 2 days to make edits to the Bodybuilding Cert exam, but I am thinking I am going to just let that one go. I do not have much of a desire to do anything more with that one. Update #2 for 23 October, I got word about 4 hours after I submitted my exam that I passed, so I just added my Nutrition Coach Cert as well. So I completed 2 out of 3 that I needed to get done, I will take that at this point. I have a new one Tactical Conditioning which I am far more interested in as I do more workouts such as this right now, its basically CrossFit/Functional Fitness which is how I am doing all of my workouts.

I also signed up for a Tactical Conditioning Cert, that is far more important to me than the Bodybuilding as I will have a far larger audience for that than the other.

More on this later as I knock these out I will update this post.

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