Below you will find our offerings for our Online Personal Training. You might look at this and say why is this cost so high? Here is a quick explanation, the cost isn’t as high as you might think, take a quick look at what trainers in a gym will charge, roughly $50 per session, and they will expect you to sign up for at least 3 sessions per week, or 12 per month, at a cost of $600 per month ($7200 per year or potentially more). And for all that cost you will get your trainers attention for 1 hour, 3 times per week during the month.

With my services you will get access to me every day of the week, every day of the month, though I will limit the hours per day but you will get at least 14 hours of access per day via text, Facebook group, phone and or email, you will have it all. You will get at least 1 video call per week. You will have access to an app which I will deliver all your programming during the time you are my client. Our Online Training plan as the 12 Week Transformation costs start at roughly $176.00 per month for a single month which is a considerable saving over what a trainer in a gym or personal training studio would expect you to pay.

12 Week Transformation – $529.00 – Custom Program
– Nutrition Guidance
– FB Group Support
– EMail Support
– Weekly Video Call
– Daily Accountability
– Video Assessments
– Weekly Check-in Calls

We will only accept up to 15 people for the first 12 Week Transformation, though we might open up additional slots as we go along. We are going to keep that posted here on this page.

This level of commitment will allow you to be able to go things on your own if you so chose at the end of your 12 weeks with us, or you will have the ability to sign on for a longer commitment, but either way I will not leave you hanging as you will still can reach out and contact me anytime thereafter with questions and I will be more than happy to refresh your program should you need it. You will also still have access to the app I use for delivering your program at a small monthly cost ($29.99) and the Facebook group.

How to Contact Us

By Phone or Text: (908) 415-2289

By E-Mail: